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AMO combines a number of disciplines to minimize financial risk, increase net cash flow, reduce days revenues outstanding, and improve overall liquidation rates resulting in reduced losses and increased recoveries. We provide a full range of accounts receivable management services from the point in time an account is created through the charge off process, addressing all of your needs and requirements in the entire lifecycle of your receivables, including:

  • Customer Service
  • Bill Processing and A/R Management
  • Back-Office Reconciliation, Payment and Adjustment posting
  • Claims Processing
  • Pre-Chargeoff Delinquency Management
  • Post-Chargeoff Recovery
  • Legal Network Management

Borrower Outreach - Loss Mitigation

  • Collections—all delinquency stages
  • Short Sale Negotiating
  • Loan Counseling, Loan Status
  • HAMP, HAFA, HARP, 2MP, Proprietary Initiatives
  • Customer Care Overflow
  • Mortgage Assistance Centers Support
  • Call Transfers and Escalation
  • Underwriting/QA Review/Due Diligence
  • HAMP
    • I/O Borrower Outreach
    • Triage/Eligibility
    • Document retrieval
    • Financial Interview
    • Trial Period Follow up
  • Customized Work schedules
  • I/O Call Blending
  • Call Recording

Underwriting Service Offerings

  • Qualified, Vetted Contract Labor at Customers Facility
  • Qualified, Vetted AMO Employees within AMO facility
  • MHA: SD 11-01
  • Loan Modification Underwriting
  • 2nd Look Underwriting, 3rd Look Review
  • Income Calculations and Self-Employed
  • Multiple system connectivity Options
  • Product Segmentation, FHA, Fannie, Freddie, Special Risk, NPV, Mediation
  • Q/A , Due Diligence