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Litigation Management

Asset Management Outsourcing (AMO) provides complete Litigation Management through its Global Attorney Network, specializing in both commercial and retail related litigation. AMO’s attorney network has been developed over many years and is considered one of the best in the collection industry.  AMO is a member of the Commercial Law League of America and when possible, will only establish business relationships with member law firms. We require that all network firms be listed with one of the law lists approved by the League.

AMO’s expectations for attorneys are extremely high and are codified in writing, prior to entering into a business relationship with selected firms. Attorneys that qualify for our network sign an operating agreement that clearly outlines our expectations and operating procedures. Approved attorneys must provide proof of malpractice insurance prior to the start of the business relationship. Coverage is verified annually upon renewal of individual policies.  All claims placed by AMO into our attorney network are bonded with one of the industry ‘law list publishers’ approved by the Commercial Law League of America.

Pre-Litigation Services

  • Acute Understanding And Application Of State Specific Regulations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Complete Account Verification
  • Pre-Attorney Letters
  • Pre-Attorney Collections
  • Electronic Account Placement
  • Pre-litigation Attorney Letters
  • Pre-litigation Attorney Collections

Litigation Services

  • Potential Disputes Resolved Prior To Litigation
  • Detailed Suit Recommendation Letters
  • Detailed Court Cost Breakdowns
  • No Non-contingent Suit Fees
  • Counter-Claim Defense
  • Daily Account Monitoring
  • Customized Reporting Packages
  • Complete Account Management for Quicker Collection Results