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Asset Management Outsourcing's (AMO) Healthcare Division offers a wide range of healthcare accounts receivable management programs, all of which are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our outsourcing division assists hospital, physician, and SNF business offices with handling their high-volume or hard-to-resolve insurance and self-pay claims prior to their becoming bad debt. Additionally, if needed, we can focus our efforts to accommodate a healthcare entity's needs to provide timely and thorough follow-up on any age, size, or payor class account. By placing the accounts where you need assistance early with AMO, your business office will reduce the number of accounts that might ordinarily go to the collection agency side; and, consequently, you will also lower your bad debt write-offs. Finally, when the account is determined to be ready for bad debt, we can send it to our bad debt division, AMO Recoveries, where your patients are treated with sensitivity by our traditional collection agency healthcare staff.