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Bankcard / Financial Services

Asset Management Outsourcing (AMO) has a strong consumer product focus, with key clients in both the pre and post charge-off bankcard industry and in the prime charge-off consumer industry. AMO currently handles over 70 million in bankcard receivables in a highly competitive environment.

AMO delivers accounts receivable management solutions designed to help you achieve your financial performance and customer service objectives. We are willing to accept primary, secondary and select tertiary placements.

Our services include:

Risk Management

  • Focused collection effort on high risk or high scored accounts
  • Leverage agency third party resources to manage seasonal excesses and capacity
  • Bankruptcy Management
  • Portfolio Analysis designed to segment or categorize various potential levels of risk
  • Leverage internal branch network to manage different risk segments creating optimum focus on what matters most Team can react swiftly to changes or shifts in client strategy requests

Delinquency Management

  • Experts in inventory control
  • Focused collection strategy to penetrate targeted areas;
    efforts to penetrate targeted high risk accounts
  • Accounts are scored / segmented at placement for optimal work efforts and recovery
  • Support delinquency notices with early messaging campaigns and/or outbound call campaigns
  • Cross-sell direct payment methods
  • Teleservice campaigns
  • Letter Campaigns
  • Skip Trace and Locate services

Current Account Management

  • Virtual messaging
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • New service announcements
  • Customer retention courtesy calls
  • PPA management --monitoring and upgrading of payments
  • "Good number" verification to identify skips and "spinners"