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Asset Management Outsourcing (AMO) provides sophisticated technology interfaces and widely used collection software to ease the client agency link. The company's active and involved senior management understands the special focus needed to be effective in all aspects of auto collection, from early efforts with an emphasis on customer retention and goodwill of the client, to end of lease or deficiency collections.

Auto Collection Services

  • 1st Party Auto Collections
  • Prime & Sub-Prime
  • Pre & Post Charge off
  • Auto Finance & Auto Locate
  • Auto Transport
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Deficiency Balance
  • End of Lease Termination
  • Lease Re-Marketing
  • Pre & Post Repossession Process

First Party Collections

  • Early Efforts: Maintain customer retention and goodwill
  • Cure the delinquent amount due and update account
  • Identify high risk probable skips for manual collectionsor search effort
  • End of Lease or Deficiency Collections

Lease Termination

  • Inspection reports
  • Dispute resolution and follow-up
  • Re-education of customer on lease process and contractual obligations
  • Back office expertise
  • Re-billing
  • Complexities associated with final inspection, including reports, protests and negotiations
  • Missing payments

Auto Deficiency

  • Unique collection approach
  • Manual efforts maximize personal communications
  • Trained experts who can handle unique objections and help educate the consumer
  • In-depth experience locating vehicles
  • Management of entire repossession process
  • Collection of both secured and deficiency accounts

Legal Expertise

  • AMO's National Attorney Network covering all 50 states
  • Acute understanding and application of state specific regulations
  • Thorough knowledge of deficiency collections up to and including location, repossession, applicable charges (towing), and "Notice of Intent to Sell" requirements
  • Extensive knowledge of lease maturity contractual requirements and enforcement